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These are the most common questions people seem to ask:

Will you remove a mugshot?

Typically, we are agreeable to doing so. We have improved our opt-out request system for quicker review. Please visit our Opt Out Page

I want a mugshot deleted immediately. Can I pay you to expedite the process?

We are asked this several times a day and unfortunately it is not an option. There are numerous 3rd party "Mugshot Removal" companies that claim that they can delete information from our sites, but they simply charge you for what you could do for free (see above) and you still end up waiting a month for something to get done.

I represent a reputation management/mugshot removal company. Can we pay you for backend access, or work out some sort of secret deal?

Not at this time

How far back do the mugshots go?

That depends on the website. Most are no older than 2010.

Can you tell me more about the person in the mugshot or how I go about contacting them?

Probably not. All information is public record. The data comes from the Sheriff's office. You would need to contact your county clerk or local law enforcement's public information sepcialist.

My Friend/Spouse/Relative/Enemy was arrested. Why are they not on the website?

We don't have a specific answer to that. We publish whatever data is released by the sheriff department. Sometimes our servers crash and don't capture the data. Sometimes it becomes corrupted in transit Other times, the sheriff's office hasn't released the data. And yet other times, a profile has been removed after receiving a request to do so.

It would be fun to make comments about people. Why don't you have that function?

It is not fair to the arrestee. Otherwise, we would have every dimwit with a torch and a pitchfork speculating on guilt while having zero facts. It opens up room for libelous rancor with zero responsibility. For those who are who were arrested falsely, it only hurts them more. We will not facilitate mob mentality on our websites.

Are you associated with the Sheriff's office?

We have absolutely no association with any government agency.

How do I contact the website operators?

Removal requests should processed through our Opt Out Request Form

(note: removal requests send to the webmaster will not be read. We have archived several hundred thousand emails requests over the years - our email system automatically deletes emails matching removal patterns, legal threats, etc. Our opt-out request form is the only method available for removal requests to be seen by human eyes.

If you are submitting a technical issue regarding the functions or presentation of our websites, please refrain from using language that might suggest you are asking about removals, opt-outs, or legal demands. Our email filter is sensitive, if it matches the pattern, WE WILL NOT EVER SEE IT.

Technical issues should be addressed to

If you are a member of the media, please see below.

I know the basics are covered here, but will you allow me to interview you for my article/broadcast?

Please contact our public relations department.

That should about cover it.