pdxmugshots.com Opt-Out Request

Any request containing legal threats will be denied. The concept is incredibly simple - resist the urge to include a legal threats and demands in your opt-out request and the request has a 99.5% chance of being granted within 28 days. Requests including demands or threats of litigation have a 0% chance of being granted. Said threat will be included as addendum text to publicly corresponding profile.

We have recently made changes opt-out/profile removal process. Our new process is streamlined - the old process required emailing information, and often waiting up to 45 days while we filtered through 100s of daily false submissions, commercial spam, and commercial "Mugshot Removal" companies.

The new process is a mixture of manual review and automated process. While we still will attempt to manually review every single opt-out requests, any un-reviewed, un-flagged requests will be automatically granted within 28 days after an opt-out request is made. While this does not guarantee removal, it greatly increases our speed at which requests for opt-outs are handled. Bulk/spam/ and commercial submissions are detected and flagged. False positives can occur.

While several folks ask us on a daily basis if there is away for them to pay for speedier review and removal, we do not have such a system. It is simply not an option. This inconvenience is due to several state laws and credit card processing regulations.

While we will strive to manually review and grant opt-out requests sooner than the 15 day automated process, but please understand that we are limited by the volume of requests. Though unlikely to be invoked, we do reserve the right to deny any request for any reason.

We are not associated with Mugshots.com, JustMugshots.com, arrests.org, Jailbase.com, Busted Magazine, or several of the other mugshot publishers out there. We do not share our database with these companies. Even though there is a 99% chance that information will be hidden from public access on websites that we operate, we have no ability to purge data from these other websites. There are exactly two domains under our control where this data can be found: pdxmugshots.com and Mugshots.io ("Mugshots DOT I O", not "MUGSHOTS DOT COM").

The MUG_ID# number located on the profile page. This should be a number, no other characters needed.